The core mission of the CCR is to spark a radical shift in humanity’s understanding of the nature and potentials of consciousness and to revolutionize the way we approach genuine happiness and mental wellbeing. CCR believes that these new insights will have a profoundly positive impact on all aspects of human society, moving us away from the socially and environmentally detrimental views that support the materialistic and highly fragmented way of life that defines our modern era.

The primary method employed by CCR in pursuing these new insights is the interphase between highly trained meditators and world-class scientists from across various disciplines. CCR’s primary contribution to this new and exciting collaboration is a group of fully committed and highly trained meditators who will be engaging in full-time retreat at the CCR hermitage and serving as the all-important first-person researchers into the nature and potentials of consciousness.

While CCR retreatants come from diverse spiritual backgrounds, the core contemplative practices pursued at the hermitage come from the Buddhist tradition. Retreatants will begin with the cultivation of shamatha (stabilization of awareness) and the heart-practices of loving-kindness and compassion, followed by inquiry into the nature of mind and reality through vipashyana (meditative inquiry). All of these practices will be grounded in a highly ethical way of life, rooted in the principles of non-violence and benevolence. Through these practices, CCR retreatants will not only be forwarding our scientific understanding of mind, consciousness, and reality, they will also be exploring the highest potentials of the contemplative path and the intersections between various contemplative traditions. The results of their practice will then illuminate the lessons that we, in the 21st century, can learn from these ancient traditions.

CCR believes the social applications of these new understandings of consciousness and the relationship between sustained meditative training and mental wellbeing will be far-reaching across various fields, from education and mental health, to business, government, and technology. CCR also foresees many of its long-term retreatants becoming leaders and educators in the fields of consciousness studies, mental health, and spiritual practice.

It is CCR’s aspiration that, much like PhD candidates at major universities, any qualified candidate with sufficient motivation and commitment will be able to pursue such training and research at CCR as a full-time meditator regardless of their financial situation. As part of this effort to make this ground-breaking training available to a diverse array of qualified retreatants, and as an integral part of continuing to bring the insights from CCR’s research to the world, we ask that you consider supporting our Contemplative Retreat Fund. You may either donate to the fund as a whole, or to specific retreatants. Retreatants will be engaging in retreats ranging from three to six months, to one year or longer. Your generosity will allow these retreatants to continue their practice and their research, as together with our CCR scientists, they help to further our collective understanding of consciousness, wellbeing, and the highest reaches of human potential.