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Jodie K. Lea has been immersed in the healing arts for over 20 years. Jodie started out earning a BA in Psychology from the New School University in New York City followed by an MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. From an early age Jodie has been haunted by the modern problem, summed up so succinctly by HH Dalai Lama in his official endorsement of the Center for Contemplative Research, when he stated: “The past century has seen remarkable developments in the scientific understanding of the human body and brain, yet people across the world struggle to find peace of mind. In the meantime, little progress has been made in understanding the relationship between body and mind, while the nature of consciousness remains as great a mystery as ever.” Jodie’s quest in her own life as well as in her career has been to explore the contemplative traditions of the world to shed new rays of hope and discovery on this fundamental human problem.

Jodie practiced as a psychotherapist in diverse settings including drug and alcohol rehab and Integrative Medicine and she also maintained a private practice working with adults, teens, children and families in crisis. Jodie’s work in the clinical setting led her to expand beyond her training in depth psychology to explore mind-body healing modalities. Eventually she became certified in Healing Touch and trained in the US and Thailand to become a registered yoga teacher. For the past 7 years Jodie turned her attention exclusively to yoga, owning and operating a yoga school, training new teachers and leading yoga and meditation courses and retreats in the US, Mexico, Thailand, and Europe. In 2019 she authored her first book entitled “Diamond Yoga” due to be published in 2021.

The more Jodie taught and trained, the more she realized that deep human healing, growth and transformation required sophisticated understanding of mind training and meditation practices. In searching for a teacher, Jodie discovered B Alan Wallace’s work in 2008 and has been studying and practicing with him ever since. In 2016 during an 8-week retreat with Lama Alan in Pomaia, Italy, Jodie had the opportunity to hear his vision for the Center for Contemplative Research. From that day forward, she aspired to one day participate in the CCR as a long-term retreatant.

Fast forward to 2020 when for Jodie all of the supporting circumstances came together to turn this dream into a reality. Jodie is humbled and honored to be currently working for the CCR at Miyo Samten Ling as a volunteer as she prepares to go into full-time retreat under the guidance of B Alan Wallace. Entering into deep retreat, in a place of silence and seclusion, with the support of expert teachers and fellow retreatants, Jodie hopes to fulfill her aspiration to devote herself full-time to the Path of the Great Perfection. Through this practice and the accompanying research, Jodie hopes to help fulfill the vision of the CCR and to find sustainable methods to quickly assist humanity in deep healing, creating inner and outer mental and emotional peace, and to restore harmony with our precious planet Earth.

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